The Swaks email sending tool is exclusively developed by the email anti spam forgery email sender filtering product technology department under the email information station. It can send emails from any email address and has a significant effect on all email addresses on the market,
Of course, there may also be individual email interception systems that are relatively complete and may inevitably enter the trash can. The main purpose of researching this product is to hope that domestic and foreign email companies can purchase our software,
To improve the shortcomings of our email products and make up for the deficiencies in anti phishing and anti spam technologies.

Software download address

Instructions for using the Swaks email sending tool:
1. Login to the member account password of the software.
2. Fill in the sender's email address.
3. Fill in the recipient's email address.
4. Fill in the title and content, which supports the HMTL code function. Simply place the attachments that need to be added in the same folder as the software and select them.
5. Click on send email to complete.
6. If you need to set the sender's name, please refer to Zhang San< >Enter information in this format into the box column.

Swaks Forgery Email Sending Tool Features:
1. No need to install pure green, simply click on the software after downloading to use.
2. Using automatic penetration to log in to the backend of the email server to obtain sender email permissions.
3. It can automatically obtain tens of thousands of different server proxy IPs for sending.
4. Continuously updating and maintaining software effectiveness: Due to the frequent updates of various email systems, the software will be updated periodically to ensure its effectiveness.
5. By using packet capture technology, the same IP can only make one attempt to the email system without being recorded, allowing forged sender emails to be sent without any worries.